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We provide services to telecom equipment vendors and wireless mobile operators. Our team has managed and worked in various projects from turnkey Base Transceiver Station (BTS) roll out implementation, infrastructure upgrade and maintenance, and installation and commissioning of telecom equipment. Our Services include:

Site survey:

  • Site Acquisition and Feasibility Surveys
  • Engineering and Technical Surveys
  • Land and Final Build Survey
  • Land Scanning & Utilities Mapping
    Soil Investigation
  • Technical Drawings including Method Statements
  • Final Site Design Reports
  • Submission to Local Authority (PBT)

Site survey:

  • Site Hunting and Land Acquisition
  • Permitting and Legal Processing
  • Site Renewal and Upgrade

Site Construction CME :

Since operational, Divine Spectrum Sdn Bhd has been awarded with prestigious CME project for Development of WIMAX Telecommunications Systems for YTL Communications Sdn Bhd on 2010. Our expertise in managing all aspects of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical (CME) works relating to Base Transmitter Station (BTS) build activity according to International construction and quality standards.

1. Foundation design and construction in accordance with international design standards

2. Site preparation, clearing, and levelling of the site

3. Foundation excavation / Pole Footing

4. De-watering

5. General Trenching – Soil/Asphalt/Tarmac/Concrete

6. Earthing/Grounding

7. Civil works, including all types of foundations, access roads, fencing, boundary walls, and backfilling

8. Shelter and generator pads.

9. Shelter supply, delivery, and installation

10. Greenfield and Rooftop Tower supply, erection, and tower-related services.

11. Electrical and Power Installation

12. AC power, Earthing, Ground, Ethernet Cabling

13. Battery Banks

14. Cable Trays

15. Galvanized Communication Cable Metal Trunking

16. Fence and Yard

17. Hacking and Resurfacing of Wall

18. Tower Strengthening

Our full turn-key solutions offer Mechanical & Electrical Equipment, Earthing & Grounding, fabrication and delivery of structural steelworks, cabinet base, Unipole, Minimalist, Floor/Wall Mounted Boom and Brackets, Cat ladder, Steel Structures, Antenna Mountings, Galvanized Cable Ladders, Climbing Ladders, Rectifier & Battery Systems, Microwave, Radio Access Systems (RAS) and Antennas, OD Cabinets, Testing & Commissioning of RAS system and Network, VSWR measurements, etc. We do have in-house CIDB, NIOSH, WAH Certified Supervisors, Riggers, General Workers, B0 Electricians, PMO staff, etc for tower/pole erection projects both for telecom and TNB Advanced Metering projects. We also have in-house warehousing and transportation facilities as well.

We provide services to major telecom operators in the  region for optimizing their infra network which shall be a cost reduction technique for them by dismantling and switching the old age diesel gensets in rural areas of the country to a modern age electrification project by supply and installation of three phase meter including erection of poles where ever required using overhead XLE cables as well as underground means which include proper and thorough regulatory documentation and approvals from Tenaga National Berhad.

We undergo the completion of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Communication Network project for Tenaga Nasional Berhad, the largest electricity utility in Malaysia. 

This project initiates replacing all traditional meters with the Smart Meter that will “record consumption of electric energy in intervals of an hour or less and communicates the information at least daily back to the utility for monitoring and billing”.

We undertakes the building of network infrastructure which includes deliverables such as, but not limited to:

1. Land and Final Build Survey

2. Land Scanning & Utilities Mapping

3. Soil Investigation

4. Technical Drawings including Method Statements and Final Site Design Reports

5. Submission to Local Authority (PBT)

6. Supply and Install of GI poles rages between 3m to 40m

7. Supply and Install of the boom on rooftop ranges 3m to 5m

8. Installation and commissioning of Gateway OR Extender Bridge

9. Supply and Installation of:

  • AC power cables
  • 50mm Earthing Cables
  • 16mm ground cable
  • Ethernet (outdoor armor shielded CAT6) including RJ45
  • Serial Cable (outdoor armor shielded CAT6) including RJ45
  • RJ45 straight through sockets with facemo

10. Supply, Install and Erect Catweld earth chamber

11. Supply and Install 10mm Copper Bonded Steel Conductor

12. Supply and Install Copper Earth bar

13. Construction of Pole Footing (Foundation)

14. General Trenching – Soil/Asphalt/Tarmac/Concrete

15. Hacking and Resurfacing of Wall

16. Supply and install 50mm GI  Pipe

17. Supply and Install 40mm HDPE Pipe

18. Supply and install obstacles light on GI pole

19. Supply And Install Of Cable Tray

20. Supply And Install Of Galvanized Communication Cable Metal Trunking etc

TNB Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Communication Network Implementation