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Divine Spectrum Sdn Bhd performs end-to-end network audit to evaluate and optimize the performance of network. The audit process addresses technical evaluation as well as identification of KPIs, BoQs, Quality of work for onsite installed equipment i.e. Radio, Transmission, BSS anand d Civil works.

Network Audit includes:

1. RF Audit

  • Perform Drive Test and analyze long files with proper solution
  • Coverage of service area: Urban, suburban, rural, and inside building Intra and intercell handover
  • Call success rate
  • Rx Qual / Rx Lev.
  • Checking antenna orientation as per design, end to end connection of feeder cable
  • Verifying that the RF implementation matches the RF design sheet
  • Readjusting down tilts if incorrect
  • Analysis of Block calls, Dropped calls, and Handover failure.
  • Coverage problem analysis
  • Coverage Hole
  • Overshooting cells

2. BSS Audit

  • BOQ Verification
  • Quality of Installation
  • Physical capacity of the site.
  • BTS Visual Installation check
  • BTS Cabinet Checks are performed.
  • Hardware and software alarms are checked
  • BTS Antenna and Feeder cable Installation
  • The antenna height along with type, tilt, etc
  • BOQs will be required to verify all the equipment installed;
  • RF coax cable connections, Cable return loss Sector orientations
  • Testing of grounding field strength, percent service availability, base-to-mobile, and mobile-to-base signal levels

3. Transmission Audit

  • Audit includes inspection of Quality of Installation along with the physical condition of the tower and site.
  • Site coordinates,
  • Site ground level above mean sea level,
  • Tower height, antenna heights on the tower,
  • Pointing azimuth of each antenna,
  • Transmission line types and lengths,
  • Transmitter and receiver nomenclatures,
  • Number of standby transmitters and receivers,
  • Tuned frequencies of all operating equipment,
  • Transmitter power outputs and received input levels.


LOS SURVEY: To conduct Line of Sight test to end Site -Manage Traffic Management for Skylift if available or Supply Rigger (WAH Cert) for existing Structure survey or tower. To provide Photos of LoS result, Skylift Photos, and LoS Activity photos as follow Customer requirement.

RF TEST: To conduct a GW-EB RF test with supplied configuration and screenshot-related results. Take 360, Panoramic, Surrounding, and Site Conditions.

CME SURVEY: Perform Land Scanning underground clearance area and proper spot and routing marking with photos. To Survey Power Source (DC&AC) location and Marking for PDU location. To fill in TSSR related requirements with Layout and location sketch for ACAD drawing with detail measurement and legend.

TSS REPORT: Prepare a complete TSS report with full site survey results as referred to as standard TSSR Customer Requirement. Submit the full set of TSSR to OCK PIC for Customer submission. Revise any correction required in the approval process as referred to Customer Requirement