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Interested to join us? Send your updated CVs to [email protected] with the vacancy title in the subject of the email.

Salary: RM 2,500 – RM 3,000/month
Job Type: Full-time / Contract
Responsibilities include:
· Coordinating and arranging subcon for equipment setup at site
· Liaising with logistics team for equipment delivery
· Liaising and follow-up on arrangement for delivery from warehouse to site
· Checking and validating materials at warehouse before delivery to site
· Involved in site survey activities.
· Prepare site reports and other relevant site documentations.
· Perform site coordination and supervision on day-to-day activities by subcontractors.
· Perform quality check on installation done by subcon/installation team at site for CME/WL/MW/CCTV domain following the site specification/TSSR and advise on correction.
· Attend to site activities whenever require and engage with customer/partner side to do commissioning/integration/testing.
· Involve in activities of site acceptance and ensure site acceptance criteria is met.
· Attend to site UAT and assist UAT signing at site.
· Provide technical advice and solving problems at site
· Liaising with contractors and project manager to ensure work is carried out as per schedule.

· Possessed domain knowledge of TELECOMMUNICATION site works
· Have experience in Telecom CME installation/deployment project
· Should have CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) certification
· Preferred to have WAH (Work At Height) certification
· Preferred to have TM / TNB NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health) certification
· Able to work independently
· Effective communication skills in liaising with customers, partners and subcontractors
· Ability to work independently
· Wiling to travel to rural/remote area


Salary: RM 1,800 – RM 2,100/month
Job Type: Full-time / Contract
Responsibilities include:
• Immediate response to repair or maintenance requests.
• Must be able to do maintenance & repair report for submission to Client/ Management.
• Install, repair, troubleshoot, maintain and servicing of all electrical system
• Monitor and check on electrical system to diagnose issues accurately.
• Able to carry out electrical wiring and installation works.
• Familiar with support and maintenance operations.
• To undertake any other duties and responsibilities as instructed by the superior.
• To carry out electrical wiring work at project site.
• Make sure all wiring, piping, cable ladders and equipment are install up to standards and specifications
• To design piping, wiring / cable routing and cable metal trunking
• Able to install all kind of piping (PVC, G.I, cable tray and etc…)
• Be able to work at height (Telco Towers), if required
• Basic understanding of power and electrical cabling works.

Terms of application :
• Work experience in a related field is an advantage
• Can work under pressure and stay motivated
• Has the ability to solve problems under minimal supervision
• Have a positive attitude, willing to accept new challenges and can be trusted
• Have a Vehicle Driving License (D / GDL)
• Can start working immediately

· Should have CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) certification
· Preferred to have WAH (Work At Height) certification
· Preferred to have TM / TNB NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety


Salary: RM 2,100 – RM 2,500/month

Job Type: Full-time / Contract

Responsibilities include:

-To ensure availability of manpower, tools and machine required for the site survey.
-To deliver equipment and other accessory to the designated site.
– Identify optimal RF coverage area.
– Identify site clearance if there is any obstruction.
– Identify the provided space for enclosure.
– Identify the AC power source.
– Identify the cable entry and route to Communication room.
– Identify site suitability for installation.
– Identify suitable location for pole by utility mapping.
– Identify exact location for height meter pole.
– Identify cable trenching route based on underground cables.
– Identify the circuit breaker on rectifier.
– Identify position for line of sight (LOS) survey.
– Use sky lift to view remotely at all angles.
– Verify LOS using binoculars, camera and compass.
– Conduct two ends of link to confirm on:
a. RSSI Modulation Level
b. GPS Availability
c. Spectrum analyzer for frequency scan
d. Link integrity between 2 WAN devices
– To obtain Permit to work from authorized person.
– To conduct safety briefing, Discuss their duty.

Salary: RM 1,500 – RM 1,800/month

Job Type: Full-time / Contract

Responsibilities include: General Worker / Helper

Salary: RM 1,800 – RM 2,500/month
Job Type: Full-time / Contract
Responsibilities include:
– No history of stealing or bad record at work or blacklisted by any operator or equipment vendor.
– Working within a group of two or four man team, you will carry out Installation of tower structures, tower accessories, equipment like RRU and Antenna Systems for LTE/Microwave as well as installation of Fiber optic, power cable, grounding cable and RF Coax Cable installation tasks on a steel lattice, guyed, masts, towers, rooftop and building antenna / aerial systems.
– Carry out suitable and sufficient risk assessments in line with company procedures prior to work being undertaken.
– Assist in the testing of antenna systems for the purposes of fault finding and subsequent rectification.
– Conduct visual inspections of antenna Mounts, aerials, co-axial cables, fixings, feeder cables and anchor points.
– Carry out cable repairs including splicing and termination.
– Assist the team leader in the preparation and input of site reports and photographs onto the company database.
– Comply with health, safety and environmental procedures at all times.
– minimum 1 year experience as telecommunication tower erection rigger
– Must have held a previous background within communication / telecommunications as a tower rigger and be familiar with climbing on any type of tower structure.
– Hold relevant climbing certificates including – CIDB, WAH, Iratec, Niosh.
– Must be fully prepared to work at heights of up to 100 meters (328 feet).
– Ability to climb and work safely at heights.
– Previous background of using specific harnesses and fall-arrest systems.
– Must be Healthy and fit for working at height.
– No history of Drug abuse
– Good communication skills.
– Flexibility towards working hours as you may be required to occasionally work away from home.
– Have a clean driving record.
– Excellent verbal and written communication
– Ability to work in team
– Innovative, proactive and flexible
– Attention to detail
– Must be mechanically inclined, construction, climbing, and rigging experience is necessary.
– Ability and desire to climb heights up to 500 feet daily – Good physical condition and stamina
– Must be proficient at knot tying and have knowledge of their application (i.e. – Clove hitch, Bowline, Rolling Pipe Hitch etc.)
– General tower safety knowledge and ability to utilize 100% tie off techniques at all times.
– Willing to work outdoors and be exposed to all types of weather(extreme hot and cold)
– Ability to read, comprehend As-built – Site Plans
– Ability to work independently under limited supervision
– Organized with a strong attention to detail
– Able to communicate effectively with co-workers and customers
– Background in tower assembly, including antenna assembly, waveguide, and coax connector assembly.
– Calibration/Testing skills required using Anritsu Site Master, power meter, and any test equipment such as hardness test, calipher, ultra sound and others.
– Perform installation of antennas, mounts, cable ladders, cable, etc.
– Should have experience working with Jin pole.
– Must be computer literate or able to use smart phone.
– Work closely with Project Managers to ensure project profitability
– Maintain a professional working attitude with co-workers and customers
– Mentor less experienced co-workers to enhance the performance of the team
– Timely and accurate completion of all reports as required by field supervisors Comply with company Occupational Health & Safety requirement