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Our Core Business

Divine Spectrum Sdn Bhd provides Full Turn-Key Solutions in the field of Information Technology and RF Infrastructure with great commitment and customer satisfaction.The breath and depth of our capabilities and proven track records crate a competitive advantage that enables our customer to :

  • Focus on their core business
  • Contract with single entity to deliver complex Full Turnkey services and solution
  • Optimize speed to market through streamline processes
  • In order to gain the full benefits of all these advantages, we have learned that we must work in Partnership Mode with our customers. This translates into carrying out our responsibilities to assure success for both parties as well as maintaining an objective to focus on long term success.

    Our major services include:

    Civil, Mechanical and Electrical (CME) Services
    Network Consulting
    Fibre Optic Network Deployment
    Full Turnkey Deployment
    Telecom Implementation & Integration Services
    Network Audit Services
    Telecom Managed Services
    In Building Solutions
    Post Processing and Optimization
    Consultants and Skilled Manpower Outsourcing
    Equipment Leasing
    Training and Development
    Business Consulting and Planning

    Divine Spectrum has a proven track record and experience to provide managed services and first-level maintenance field support to cover all critical network elements including the tower, cabin, power supply, etc. The scope includes 7×24 corrective maintenance and routine preventive maintenance.

    Managed Services and Field Maintenance is to provide 24x7x365 coverage to maintain one network with Service Level Agreement (SLA) and driven by Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

    The major scope of work includes:

    • Front office to manage Trouble Ticket
    • Corrective Maintenance
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Spare Part Delivery and Inventory Management
    • Reporting